Friday, May 15, 2015

How I use my Everyday Oils kit

My Top Ten Uses for The Everyday Oils Kit
1: When my breath stinks, I apply a peppermint onto the roof of my mouth.
2:,To boost my energy I add 2 drops lemon to my water and tea.
3: After eating too much I apply 2 drops of peppermint onto my stomach.
4: Quickly get rid of odors with Theives sprayed into the air and carpets.
5:,Upset or anxiety melts away when a few drops of frankincense apply on back of the neck.
6: Before meetings or interviews inhaling the Valor oil blend iin my hands give me a boost of confidence and my nerves go away.
7: Purification blend on my dogs repels fleas and ticks and they smell awesom
8: I like Peace and Calming as a perfume it smells really pretty and keeps me in a joyful mood.
9. Every night I have gotten used to adding PanAway and Lavendar in my. Regime. PanAway on my back helps me lay comfortably without my back hurting and Lavender on the bottoms of my feet is relaxing and put me to sleep
10: Valor on my dog makes him calm and quieter around strangers


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