Friday, May 15, 2015

Can Essential Oil "Abundance" create more abundance?


As a distributor of essential oils, I have had many testimonials on each one I use. My favorite is Abundance and it always runs out quickly. It is called abundance because it is a blend of oils infused to raise your vibration and magnetism.

In health we know that if we are not vibrating at a high frequency, we are suffering from some sort of disconnection. This frequency is determined by your thinking and activity.The  same is with your money and relationships. If you notice your your feeling really down, your frequency may be low and Abundance raising it will have little to no results.

If you are thinking positively, loving all, and not worried about anything at all, you will be able to reach abundance in all ways and fast. It is harder than it sounds in a world full of no and negativity.

Most people are not always in a state of high energy frequencies and if they worry about something like the garage being open after leaving for work (which is a concern that won't benefit you whether you worry about it or not ) then u automatically lower your vibration. This could bring on a little bit of a headache or even attract more of that concern into your life.

If you want to have abundance, you have to have a vibration of abundance. You can not be in a state of wanting and in a state of getting at the same time. And when your noticing the lack of abundance in wealth, relationships, health or in general then you can not also notice the solutions. They are at two different frequencies.

Just like tuning into 0630 AM and expecting to hear 98.7 FM, they are on two different radio waves and so you can not tune into both at the same time. Much like law of attraction.

Once you know what your lacking it is best to deactivate it in your vibration. This is important because when you have found a way to stop worrying about money or your children or your car, you are already putting yourself in the vibration to receive.

Abundance oil is a helper to law of attraction by going in, on, and around your body. The plants that are used are ones of high frequencies often used to help with health issues too. (Because health problems are also a result to lower frequencies). Orange, frankincense, patchouli, clove, ginger, myrrh, and cinnamon and spruce. These oils work on a cellular level to raise the frequency of you vibration.

Individually this oils are powerful and blended they are extremely powerful. If you would try for a week or two, using your abundance oil. Put it on when your not feeling like your in harmony. Whatever is lacking will come to you. Not just abundance in money but in all ways.

The things you want are available to you at all times. It's up to you if you are a vibrational match to it. Abundance oil is your ticket to your vibrational journey to the kind of peace of mind that we all desire.

I have testimonials and personal experiences with abundance oil and law of attraction and just find it fun to spread this knowledge. Tell your friends and try it yourself


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