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Young Living Kits


The products that Young Living offers are endless and they make your life so much healthier and easier on your body! There are some kits that Young Living offers that help replace your beauty and skin care products with natural potent products. As well as nutrition, diet, massage therapy, and even cleaning products.

  • Based upon advanced scientific research, Young Living has combined the health secrets of the ages with the latest age refining technology to produce a groundbreaking anti-aging skin care system–A•R•T. The full brochure with information can be read here

  • Animal Scents™ Care Collection supports the proper growth and normal lifecycles of a wide-variety of animals. Inside are six, formulated in appropriate strengths for animals, exclusive essential oil blends that address the most common animal conditions.
How to use:

PuriClean™: Add 1–2 drops to the affected area to support proper cleansing. Put 8–10 drops in a 1-oz. spray bottle with distilled water for a quick skin-cleansing spritz.

Mendwell™: Massage 1–2 drops on the affected area.

ParaGize™: Add 2–4 drops to water.

Infect Away™: Add 1–2 drops to the affected area to support proper healing. Put 8–10 drops in a 1-oz. spray bottle with distilled water to support wound-healing properties.

RepelAroma™: Apply 2–4 drops to your hands and pet onto your animal’s coat. Add to a spray bottle and spritz generously on your animal’s coat or skin to. Diffuse to keep pests away from certain areas in the home or small areas outdoors.

T-Away™: Add 1 drop behind each ear to calm during times of grief or agitation.* Diffuse for 30 minutes 3 times daily to support positive emotional perseverance. *Carefully apply according to the size and species of animal. General rule: Dilute more for smaller species.

  •  The 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse™ facilitates gentle and effective cleansing to improve overall health and well-being.* A minimum of four, easy cleanses a year with our 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse and continued nutritional maintenance will help balance the extremes of the modern diet.
        This nutritive cleanse includes the following: Ningxia Red, an energizing, replenishing, whole wolfberry nutrient infusion (1500 ml ); Balance Complete, a super-food-based, daily, superfood energizer and nutritive cleanse (26.4 oz.); Digest+ cleanse, which soothes gastrointestinal discomfort and supports healthy digestion* ( 30 softgels ).
 Note: The 5 - Day Nutritive Cleanse is a starting place. More intense and targeted nutrients may be required for your particular situation.

  • Scientists and physicians are realizing as never before that what Americans need is amassive nutrient infusion. The lack of key essential nutrients robs millions of the abundant health and energy necessary to truly enjoy life, and sparks damaging chain reactions that cause top killers like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Any one of NingXia Red’s vital nutrients and powerful nutrient combinations could be just the health solution you or someone you care about desperately needs

  • Raindrop Technique is the result of combining ancient Lakota wisdom with the latest in essential oil research. By integrating gentle massage sequences with specific essential oils, Young Living has created an experience that balances energy, releases toxins, and facilitates open energy flow throughout the body.

  • Young Living is proud to offer a complete line of home and personal care products infused with the pleasant, spicy aroma of our proprietary Thieves® essential oil blend! This Starter Kit is ideal for those wishing to replace harmful chemicals in the home with powerful, natural alternatives. Kit includes: Thieves 15ml, Thieves AromaBright, Thieves Mouthwash, two Thieves Cleaner, two Foaming Handsoap, two Thieves Spray, two Thieves Purifier, Welcome to Young Living booklet, Essential Oils at a Glance user’s guide, Member Resource Guide, S.E.E.D. Sharing for Success booklet, Citrus Fresh 5-ml, AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment, two sample sachets each of: Lavender, Peppermint, Peace & Calming®, Lemon, and Thieves®, two NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples, Business cards sample pack, Member Agreement, Product Guide
  • And check out all that Young Living has to offer in the full Product Guide
  • Buy your essential oils here

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Transform Your Body


The Slique Kit was created with one goal in mind: to revolutionize the way you meet your weight-management goals* this year! Gary Young has assembled a group of Young Living products that offer a powerful, natural approach to weight management when used in conjunction with exercise and a sensible diet. Let’s take a quick look at each product and why it’s an integral part of this new kit:

Slique Tea—Formulated to help control appetite while providing flavonoids and catechins, which are thought to help maintain normal body functions.*

Slique Essence Essential Oil Blend—Helps control hunger and support digestion with a unique blend of citrus oils and spearmint.* This newly formulated blend is only available in the Slique Kit.

Balance Complete™—A nutrient-rich meal replacement that supplies the body with necessary fiber.* Its effects are amplified when used with Slique Essence.

Essentialzymes-4™—Helps break down fats and other complex foods for improved nutrient absorption and digestion.*

NingXia Red®—Rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, this nutritional supplement contributes to overall health and increased sustained energy.*
We’re excited to share this amazing new kit with you and hope you’ll share your progress on our blog and Facebook pages over the coming months!
Join the Slique movement by clicking here to order the new Slique Kit (Item No. 4798 for enrollments or Item No. 4587 for Essential Rewards).

The Slique Kit is also available in a vegetarian version, which substitutes Power Meal for Balance Complete and Detoxzyme® for Essentialzymes-4. Order Item No. 4799 for enrollment or Item No. 4588 for Essential Rewards.

—Ryan Seely, YL Product Marketing Manager

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 

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Funny Essential Oil Memes

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Scams and Myths about Young Living

Hello you must be wondering aboutYoung Living Essential Oils Scam? Well you have came to the right place, anybody who has told you that the Young Living Essential Oils Scam is true well, they're lying to you! Seriously!

Young Living Essential Oils Scam- Gary Young

Among the companies, that use network marketing as a means to earn income for members and to sell its products is the Young Living Essential Oils. Started by Gary Young who was an entrepreneur; it has since then grown, making it a big organization with a great number of members working within its network. Young Living Essential Oils scam is said to not actually be one. It has real products, which have been on sale for some time now and it has products which have proved beneficial for use, to many.

This company has been seen to work well and pay well also, for its distributors who are determined to share products and bring in new members to the company. Those with a large number of friends and an immense family size have found it easy to earn commission; this is even without making sales, as they are able to earn a commission from the sales that their affiliate members make. The sale of their products is also not a very tough job. Why, because of each and every trained member. They work in a manner that makes others accept the products and hence it operates great, on the market.

For any new member or recruit, the money that is invested will vary from one individual to another; this is dependent on the amount of training that the individual wants to receive. There are a number of training packages and a distributor will also have to choose the access that he or she needs when it comes to brochures, DVD’s, and catalogues. These will dictate the amount you will invest.

Young Living Essential oils scams are a new story. You should ensure that you learn whether any company is legitimate, professional, and reputable as well as has been running well, for a good amount of time long before investing in it. Young Living Essential oils benefits are also real for those who decide to work with it; therefore it cannot be classified as a scam.

The Young Living Essential Oils company mainly uses word of mouth as a way to market its products. A distributor after training is well equipped to sell products and show the clients how it works, by use of the Brochures or the DVD’s. They move from house to house to conduct their sales and take the use of other avenues to sell the products. Earning from the profits you make and from percentages earned from other affiliate members, you can see through a monthly budget without having to find other means of employment.

There is an article on quackwatch.com written by a blog writer paid to demoralize and lie about companies and the hard working people who built them. The quackwatch article also can be nullified by the rebuttal posted on Young Living's Website including documentation, research, and facts.

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Oil Testimonial: Scratchy Throat And Soreness In My Ears At Church

This testimonial caught my eye because I have noticed a lot of coughing and sniffling around me. I always wish I could rub all of them down with certain oils like Becca used here. Also check out the scientific studies that support her use and effects of of the oils used:

Author: Becca Morris
Location: TX, United States
Date: 01-18-2015
Views: 252
Word Length: 153
Questions Received: 0
Testimonial ID: 10425-OR
Scientific Studies: 2 
On the way to church one Wednesday night, I began to feel the symptoms of real sickness coming on...
Scratchy throat
Soreness in my ears
And I thought, oh no! This is not just feeling icky. This is real sickness coming on. I tend to get strep throat once or twice a year. I am not the type of person who takes medication often.
I usually just deal with feeling ill, but then I remembered my Premium Starter Kit at home. At this point, I had only had the kit for about a month.
So after church I rubbed Purification essential oil blend around my ears and down my throat just once. (I had read not to put any essential oils in my ears.) I diffused Thieves essential oil blend for about 2 hours. Then I went to bed.
When I got up the next morning, there were no traces of sickly symptoms! Purification is now my best friend!
Supporting Scientific Studies
1."The antibacterial activity of 14 essential oils and their major constituents in the gaseous state was evaluated against [respiratory tract pathogens] Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Streptococcus pyogenes, and Staphylococcus aureus. [The] oils [with cinnamon bark, lemongrass, and thyme being most potent] and their major constituents were shown to be effective against various bacteria tested.... These results indicate that the antibacterial action of essential oils was most effective when at high vapor concentration for a short time."Link
2."Streptococcus pyogenes [strep] plays an important role in the pathogenesis of tonsillitis....thyme, cinnamon, lemongrass, tea tree, lavender, oregano, clove, palmarosa, or cajeput [melaleuca] EOs are known to be active against Streptococcus pyogenes, while oregano, basil, mint [peppermint], rosemary, and lavender EOs are known to inhibit another Gram-positive bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus [staph].... We showed that cinnamon presented the higher activity against S. pyogenes compared to the other EOs tested.... 14 [essential oils] showed antibacterial activity against Streptococcus pyogenes.... Among them Cinnamomum verum [cinnamon bark], Cymbopogon citratus [Xiang Mao], Thymus vulgaris CT thymol [thyme], Origanum compactum [oregano], and Satureja montana [Mountain Savory] essential oils exhibited significant antibacterial activity. The in vitro results reported here suggest that, for patients suffering from bacterial throat infections, if aromatherapy is used, these essential oils, considered as potential antimicrobial agents, should be preferred."Link
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Weight Loss Testimonial: Once a Size 12, Now a Size 6

One of the most amazing things to read, for me, are the testimonials of other essential oil users. This one is about a woman who lost weight using grapefruit oil in her drinking water. Scientific studies are linked to support the effects, so take a look and do your own research if your interested in the effects of d-limonene.
Author: Ayse Zencir
Location: CA, United States
Date: 03-06-2007
Views: 56,513
Word Length: 238
Questions Received: 30
Testimonial ID: 1967-OR
Scientific Studies: 3 
I, Ayse Zencir, have been using essential oils for a year now. I fell in love with them. My best personal testimony is my weight loss.
I used to drink grapefruit-oiled water every day, 7 drops in 8 cups of water. Now my size is 5-6. I used to wear size 10-12. Let me inform you of my recipe: I add 7 drops of Grapefruit essential oil into 2 liters of water and shake it very well. One or two hours before every meal, I drink 2-3 cups of the grapefruit-oiled water. All day I drink only this oiled water.
In a month you may feel the results, but you may not see any weight change until after 2 months. Keep trying! Everybody has a different body. Some of you may need to run to the toilet, and some may be constipated. It may vary person to person.
You may feel dizzy or have rapid heartbeats or a headache, so it is good to start with 1-2 drops each day for the first week.
Note: Grapefruit juice has been known to interact with some medications, especially hormonal medications. Grapefruit essential oil is extracted from the grapefruit peel. I have been unable to find any documented cases of interactions with Grapefruit essential oil. Still check for contraindications with your current medications and consult with your doctor before proceeding.

Supporting Scientific Studies
1."As proven in vitro, essential oils [Eucalyptus, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Thyme, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Clove, Sandalwood, Peppermint, Sage (includes all components of Thieves blend)] represent a cheap and effective antiseptic topical treatment option even for antibiotic-resistant strains as MRSA and antimycotic-resistant Candida species."Link
2."We found that d-limonene [in citrus oils] activated peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)-alpha signaling, and inhibited liver X receptor (LXR)-beta signaling. Our data suggest that the intake of d-limonene may benefit patients with dyslipidemia and hyperglycemia and is a potential dietary supplement for preventing andameliorating metabolic disorders."Link
3."D-limonene is one of the most common terpenes in nature. It is a major constituent in several citrus oils.... Being a solvent of cholesterol, d-limonene has been used clinically to dissolve cholesterol-containing gallstones. Because of its gastric acid neutralizing effect and its support of normal peristalsis, it has also been used for relief of heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). D-limonene has well-established chemopreventive activity against many types of cancer. Evidence from a phase I clinical trial demonstrated a partial response in a patient with breast cancer and stable disease for more than six months in three patients with colorectal cancer."

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Which Oil Should I Use?

Which oil should I use?

When you are new to essential oils, you face a bewildering array of choices. Which oils should you start with? If you want to share the best single oils or blends with a friend or relative, how do you choose? Here are just a few basic Young Living oils that can effect your everyday life.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is a sweet, highly fragrant essential oil with a
long tradition of easing the digestive process

Peppermint essential oil has traditionally been used to promote healthy respiratory function and ease tension headaches. Its fresh, minty aroma combats mental and physical fatigue.

Peppermint can replace chemicals and products like: Pepto-Mismal, Imodium-AD, Tums, Mylanta, Prilosec, Tylenol, Bengay, and Exedrin

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a multi-faceted oil that soothes yet also revives.

Lavender is a versatile oil used to cleanse and soothe minor burns, cuts, and other skin irritations. Its refreshing, relaxing scent has balancing properties that calm the mind and body.

Great for replacing chemicals like: Neosporin, Aleve, Motrin, Tylenol PM, Speeling Aids, Zyrtec, Claritin, Dramamine.

Lemon (Citrus limon) is now recognized for its powerful antioxidant power as well as its refreshing and uplifting scent. Taken internally, lemon is a good source of d-limonene.

Lemon replaces everyday chemically induced products like: Mucinex, Children's Tylenol, Imodiom-AD, Pepto-Bismol, and tastes great in food and beverages!

Frankincense is used to support skin health. Its earthy, balsamic scent has calming properties that can increase spirituality and inner strength. Historically used in the bible, frankincense is a powerful oil from the Boswellia tree in Oman, Jordan that lifts the spirit, removes blemishes on skin, and reduces visibility of aging.

Frankincense saves your body from chemicals and drugs like: Prozac, Celebrex, Abilify, Wart Remover, Neosporin, Asthma Symptoms.

PanAway is a soothing essential oil blend containing eugenol, a constituent used
historically to numb gums. Also containing wintergreen and clove—two oils traditionally used for pain relief—PanAway aids the body’s natural response to irritation and injury

PanAway is a comforting blend of wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum), clove (Syzygium aromaticum), and peppermint (Mentha piperita).

PanAway replaces chemicals in your medicine cabinet like: Bengay, IcyHot, Aleve, Thermocare, Aspercreme, Sinus Decongestants.

The Thieves blend is founded on the legend of a group of thieves in fourteenth century France who used clove, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims in order to stay immune. Young Living’s Thieves contains clove for its antimicrobial properties and cinnamon for its purifying properties. `Anti bacterial, Ant fungal, antiseptic oil blend is perfect for cleaning clothes, household items and no harsh fumes or harmful chemicals.

Use Theives to replace: Ricola, Chloraseptic, Dayquil, Throat Lozenges, Vicks as well as all cleaning products for your home.

The sweet, refreshing scent of Purification deodorizes and purifies the air. This blend also contains citronella to deter insects and soothe bites.

Purification is a cleansing blend of citronella (Cymbopogon nardus), lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), melaleuca (Melaleuca alternifolia), lavandin (Lavandula x hybrida), and myrtle (Myrtus communis).

Purification can replace: Cortizone, Oxy-Spot Cleaner, Off!, Neosporin, and Febreeze

Tea Tree oil, also known as Melaleuca alternifolia, can be found in a wide spectrum of skin care and spa products that can comfort and beautify the appearance of skin.

Joy™ is a luxuriously exotic blend with uplifting overtones that creates magnetic energy and brings joy to the heart. When worn as cologne or perfume, Joy exudes an alluring and irresistible fragrance that inspires romance and togetherness. When diffused, it can be refreshing and uplifting.

Young Living’s Stress Away™ essential oil blend is a natural solution created to combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life. Stress Away is the first product to contain the unique stress-relieving combination of lime and vanilla pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Stress Away also includes copaiba and lavender to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium. Featuring powerful plant constituents, such as the cedrol found in cedarwood and the eugenol that occurs naturally in vanilla, Stress Away can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension.*

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Oil Testimonials


Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

Peppermint Oil:
"My husband had I just wanted to share about our latest oil success!

We live on a farm, so bugs and spiders of all sorts live among us in abundance. One particular pesky problem was getting just too gross, and something had to be done! Everyday when we would walk out to the mailbox and open up the front, it would be crawling with earwigs! We would sweep them out everyday with a little broom and send them flying, but they were just too happy in there, and told all their friends and family to come and live in this mailbox!

With summer upon us, there have been lots of postings about those great essential oils that work so well on insects, etc. I don't know why it took me so long to make the connection, but I remembered about that great oil, Peppermint, and promptly put two drops in the back of the box and shut the door.

It's now been 3 days since the Peppermint oil went in, and there is NO TRACE of not even 1 earwig! It was just too much for the clan, so they just packed up, said "I'm outta here", and went elsewhere, much to our's and the postman's delight!

We're now wondering what some Peppermint water will do when poured down those pesky gopher holes..................
Have a great summer!
- Audrey Miller

Lemon Oil:
"My husband had just painted our front door frame, and I brushed up against it leaving the house. However, I didn't realize the amount of white paint on the back of my black down vest until the office manager pointed it out. The paint had dried by then.

I remembered reading about lemon oil and decided to use it on my vest to remove the oil-based paint. Miraculously all the paint was removed. My husband and I were amazed! I am a firm believer in Essential Oils."
Rosina Yue — Nevada

Peace & Calming:
"Our little Tibetan Terrier slipped and fell into our swimming pool. Her companion terrier barked frantically alerting us. We got her out and began to dry her coat and warm her, as the water was about 40° F. She was trembling uncontrollably from the experience.
After about 45 minutes, she was dry, and warm, but still trembling. The little male terrier was very upset as well. My husband and I were upset by the incident and decided to apply Peace & Calming. We wondered if Peace & Calming would help the dogs. We applied it to the base of their skulls and in about two minutes they were both sleeping peacefully."
Brenda McBride — California

Lavender Oil:
While I was on vacation I walked on "boiling" hot sand at at the beach and I exposed my skin for over several hours. I had acquired blisters on my feet from the hot sand. I rubbed lavendar oil on my feet twice before bed, and spritzed my skin with lavender oil. By the next morning the blisters and the pain was gone! I had no further discomfort."

Debbie Allen, CNHP — Denver, Colorado
Beverlee Jones submitted the following tip:
“My husband is a Jeep tour guide. Often after a really busy day, he continues giving his tour guide speech while he is asleep. I've found that two drops of lavender essential oil on each of his big toes stops the talking immediately. I've also noticed he isn't snoring as much as he used to!”
(This tip comes directly from a distributor and is passed on to you. The Young Living Essential oil Company assumes no liability for any damage caused by use of this tip.)

Thieves and Bergamot:

"I received a puncture wound on my left foot. After three days of applying Thieves and Bergamot, it was well enough to where I was not stepping lightly on that foot! I don’t know how deep the puncture was, but it was bad enough to bleed well and make a swelled lump inch around it. I work as a machinist and am on my feet all day. Thank God for the natural oils that you make!"
Michael Morris —Arkansas

Ultra Young:
"I started using the Ultra Young about 5 weeks ago. So far I have heard comments like "less wrinkles," "younger looking," "fuller head of hair," "loosing weight," "great skin," all from people asking me what I was doing different. I have seen for myself firmer muscles, much more energy and the need for about 2.5 hours less sleep a night. I can run on full steam from eyes open to eyes shut with little or no fatigue. The funny thing is I know my liver is not as clean as it should be right now, so I am excited to see what will happen when I completely detoxify and the Ultra Young is getting totally used by my body."
Pam Williams — Texas

SulfurzymePower Meal, and Ultra Young:
"The first information I sought was how to handle fatigue. I read about SulfurzymePower Meal,Ultra Young, and several of the oils. I decided to get started. I put lavender on my feet the first night and it worked like a charm. I started talking Sulfurzymeand spraying Ultra Young and I began to notice the cobwebs in my mind clearing out about five days after my first use."
Debra Bouziden — Oklahoma

Motivationand Abundance:
"Three weeks ago I started inhaling Young Living Essential Motivation Oil and Young Living EssentialAbundance Oil. After dragging my feet for the last three years about calling people and really wanted to work my networking business. Now I am happily passing out flyers in park and ride lots, writing letters to my associates, calling people, doing two to three presentations per week, and I am feeling determined to make this business work! I feel strongly that the Young Living Essential Motivation Oil has made the big difference in my attitude. I am not passive anymore. Yeah!"
Phyllis Franks — Washington

Lavender Shampoo:
"My husband underwent radiation treatments in 1991. His hair fell out and his beard began growing sparsely during those treatments and never fully recovered. Since using the Young Living Lavender Shampoo his hair has begun growing again, without any gray in it." - Cathi Dillard — Oregon

"I've never seen anything like YoungLiving or its products---and I have seen almost everything. As a senior advisor to Weider International's Muscle & Fitness magazine, I've tried virtually every protein bar and drink on the market during the last 20 years. Without a doubt, Young Living's products and commitment to health are in a class of their own, especially the essential oils, Power Meal, and Wolfberry Bars."
Dr. Robert Delmonteque
Senior Medical Advisor to Muscle & Fitness and Journal of Longevity Research

"Young Living is a company with heart and soul and genuine compassion--a true rarity today. Young Living's products have made a tremendous difference in my travels. Essential oil blends like PanAway have sometimes been the only thing that have kept me going on my walks. These oils are my secret weapon." - Danny Garcia
Crusader for International Peace

"As a chiropractor, I believe that the dramatic results of Raindrop Technique are enough for me to rewrite the books on scoliosis. As we continue to unravel the science of how oils influence the body and spine, we will rewrite the present mechanical science of neurology. In its place will be a complete system that blends the nervous system, immune system, emotions, and structure of the body." Ken Krieger, D.C.

"To be able to certify completely the high grade of his oils, Gary Young has taken the ultimate step: he has developed his own farms and his own distillation techniques to guarantee the top quality he seeks. He has become a true pioneer in developing these operations in the United States. I wish everyone could see firsthand the Young Living aromatic farms." Daniel Penoel, M.D.
Author of L'aromatherapie exactement and Natural Home Health Care with Essential Oils

"The results that Young Living products have produced in myself--and others--are truly spectacular. Thanks to energizers like ComforTone, Megazyme, Thyromin, and the essential oils, my energy levels have soared, my weight has dropped, and my body now runs like a Swiss watch--something I have never before experienced. Better yet, the products are so good that they sell themselves. They literally draw people to me." Romy Seleznov
Two-time Winner of Ms. Fitness Arizona

"During my 13 years in the fitness and nutrition industry, I have provided nutritional counseling for many professional and amateur athletes. I demand that my clients use supplements to reach their athletic goals. I can honestly say that the Young Living products are second to none. They are simply the best that this industry has to offer. Knowing Gary Young, I expect nothing less!" Paul Tidwell
Director, Young Lifestyles Fitness Center

"I am very inspired by the incredible quality and depth of Young Living products and what they can do to help women become healthy and vibrant and an unstoppable force for change on this planet." Carolyn De Marco, M.D.
Women's Health Advisor and Author of "Take Charge of Your Body"

"Young Living offers health solutions found nowhere else on earth. These essential oils truly represent the new frontier of medicine; they have resolved cases that many professionals had regarded as hopeless." Terry Friedmann, M.D.
Cofounder of American Holistic Medical Association

"Young Living is at the cutting-edge of alternative health science. Just one product--Sulfurzyme--has the potential to produce results that will far surpass that of traditional formulations. This is just one product of Young Living's that I intend to make a central part of my clinical practice." Ronald Lawrence, M.D.
Executive Director, Council on Natural Nutrition

"At Young Living every phase of production, from planting and harvesting to distillation and packaging, is meticulously governed by Dr. Gary Young. He is the most knowledgeable expert on the use of essential oils I have ever known. As a practicing naturopathic physician, I can attest to the tremendous nutritive, cleansing, and recuperative powers of Young Living products." Christopher J. Fabricius, N.D.