Friday, May 15, 2015

Difference Between Young Living and Aura Cacia


Aura Cacia VS Young Living
Look carefully at the warning signs of this "organic" essential oil that can be bought at health food stores, the first red flag is near the UPC code, the warning says "NOT FOR INTERNAL USE" 

All plants can be taken internally unless their poisonous, so why can't you internally ingest these "100 percent natural plant oils"? Because they are not made with natural organic materials. 

The important thing to look for is that USDA ORGANIC label. The label makes it seem very safe and makes you think you are being healthy by using this product but unfortunately it is all a ruse. After studies, research, and truths reluctantly revealed by the FDA, there are many articles that help prove that USDA ORGANIC is not organic at all. Learning about the truth is scary but it doesnt mean no essential oil brands can be trusted.

Young Living is the world leader of essential oils and take pride in their process more than anything. To maintain Purity, Potency, when Preparing their Plants (4 P's of Young Living). They go above and beyond from the start to use lands that have never been cultivated on before to make their farms, to ensure no fertilizers or pesticides or chemicals have been used on that soil before, then growing and cultivating their plants in farms all over the world to make sure that we know exactly where our plants come from. We are engaged fully in the process from Seed to Seal
There really is no comparison when you want to use essential oils, you can either go with fake or go with real.


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