Friday, May 15, 2015

Essential Oils on Vibrations and Cell Function


It's a great thing to know that more and more people are turning to hollistic and natural ways to heal and cure disease.

Essential oils are the healing agents that keep a plant from dying completely when a piece is broken off or clipped from a plant. The essential oils of the plant come rushing to the area that needs it and they do the same thing in the human body. 

Without going into too much detail about all the chemicals we are exposed to, I want to explain the importance of our cell function. 

Our cells communicate in order for us to function throughout the day and even for us to survive. One of the first things doctors start to worry about is abnormal cell function. 

Our cells are covered with petrochemicals that keep our cells from communicating completely and cause disharmony and disease. 

Essential oils strip the petrochemicals from your cells detoxing you while raising your over all vibration and giving you more energy and immunity. You can take these internally, externally or breathing them in. 

I enjoy using oils and oil blends every day and all day long. They smell amazing and the scent lasts, and they are great tasting too!

 I use a few drops and the oils aren't oily at all, they are a thin consistency and extremely potent. 

Some quick uses are to:
-Help with digestive system (peppermint)
-Help fall asleep ( lavender)
-Meditation (frankincense) 
And so many more ways!

I could go on for pages about every single plant oil and what it can do but I just recommend everyone try them instead of medicine just once; you will be happily surprised!


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